The New AKIRA Series Spot light

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Professional hotel lighting

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The New AKIRA Series Spot light

AKIRA professional hotel lighting series of lighting fixtures developed and designed specially for professional hotel lighting to balance the direct and indirect lighting, the balance between the application of lamps and the sense of space integration depend on optical design. UGR<16, maximizing the comfort value which create comfortable and soft professional hotel lighting. Luminaire body and heat sink made with die cast aluminum and reflector made with electroplated black nickel.

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Black Light

Black reflector light

Reflector electroplated with black nickel, the advantage is absorb the light to prevent the reflector from making secondary glare, the reflector is dark wen the light output, and also provide good color presentation.

Hide Light

Deep reflector housing

Lighting source deeply hided, luminous range contraction, to ensure that people cannot see the light source directly in a certain visual range, and to reduce the direct glare.

Focus Light

Focus anti-glare optics

Lighting optical system consist with two reflector, present a reasonable light distribution. Offer the well mixed facular and beam angle, and the anti-glare angle up to 45°.

Filter Light

anti-glare honeycomb mesh

With a honeycomb mesh, the lighting source is divided into small beams, so that the lighting becomes soft and undazzling, and the optical accessories (color filter, stripe filter, pattern filter, frosted filter, honeycomb mesh, etc.) Can be used to create a different atmosphere. Very suitable for hotel applicant.

Akira high CRI
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